What You Need To Know About CCTV Installation

25 June 2020
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CCTV is a surveillance system where signals aren't distributed to the public but are monitored for security purposes. This technology involves the positioning of cameras strategically and observing the input of the cameras on monitors in a discreet location. Since these cameras communicate with the video recorders or monitors across coaxial cables or wireless communication, they are called closed-circuit. Here are the essential components used by professionals in a CCTV installation in your home or office. Read More 

Considerations to Bear in Mind When Planning the Installation of a CCTV System

1 April 2019
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When looking to increase the security of your property, CCTV camera installation is probably one of your top measures. Nonetheless, choosing to install cameras on your property is only the first step toward bolstering your security. If you do not go about the installation process correctly, then your CCTV cameras will be of no help to you since you will not have the footage you need to incriminate potential criminals. In order for you to have sharp footage from your CCTV cameras, you should familiarise yourself with the best strategies to use when placing these cameras. Read More 

3 Weird and Impractical Burglar Alarms (and 3 Better Choices)

19 April 2018
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There have been many innovative burglar alarms throughout the years. Many of these curious ideas have been consigned to history, and some have lived on in some shape or form. There are a few truly strange and interesting types of burglar alarms which aren't all that practical, to say the least. However, they all have a better version which can be highly beneficial when it comes to protecting your home. Read More 

Reasons to hire armed guards

28 September 2017
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Security guards aren't just for concerts and mall security. Their professionalism and skill set can be employed across a variety of situations depending on your needs or circumstances. Armed guards have a great responsibility with the firearms they carry, and this makes them vital for your needs. Below are some of reasons why and when you might need armed security Privacy High profile personalities and powerful people are quite a busy lot and this means that they move around with little to no privacy due to fans, paparazzi and threats. Read More 

Security Screen Doors: Overlooked Benefits of Installing Them

21 February 2017
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When it comes to security screen doors, homeowners typically associate them with beefing up the security of their home. Granted, this is one of the primary functionalities of these doors. However, this does not mean that this is all they do. Security screen doors can offer your home with an array of other benefits. Below are some of the overlooked advantages that you would enjoy by installing security screen doors. Read More